The Vintage Jewellery Trend That Keeps On Growing

We were keen to see the recent reports that vintage inspired jewellery is an ever-increasing area of popularity, especially for revival pieces such as lockets!

Lockets first gained mass popularity during the Edwardian and Victorian eras when they were used as a memento of a loved one, often holding a lock of hair or image of those held most dear.

They are now experiencing a new surge in popularity, in part due to the ability to personalise the contents, offering a sentimental piece to mark a special occasion or remember a loved one.

At LOVELOX we aim to continue this trend, with all our lockets being able to be personalised with an engraved name or message of your choice as well as two photos inside the locket itself. Our lockets offer a modern and contemporary twist, with clean lines and sleek design, yet also providing a timeless piece that can be worn for years to come. Available in classic gold and silver as well as rose gold for a fresh look.

Another recent trend we’ve spotted is layered jewellery, with many pieces being worn at once to create maximum impact and elevate an outfit. This trend works best when a variety of different styles are chosen, such as lockets, chains and pendants, and with a variety of different textures and lengths. Our lockets are available with standard 16-18” chains or longer length 20-24” chains, so perfect for this look.

Start by choosing a centrepiece to give focus and then build your other items around this, perhaps focusing on a colour or one key element. So, if you’re finding it difficult to choose your favourite piece why wear one when you can choose them all!

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