Our mission is simple - to create treasured keepsakes to celebrate meaningful moments in your life.

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The Brand

“We created LOVELOX London to make gifting more meaningful” - James Bishton, Co-Founder.

At LOVELOX we believe there's no better gift than a personalised one. A bespoke locket from LOVELOX is able to convey thought, love and sentiment on levels that are hard to emulate with an off-the-shelf item.

Lockets are special in the sense they offer more customisable features than any other piece of jewellery. This is why every locket we send out is completely unique and tells its own story, treasured only by you.

Open your locket to be reminded of memorable moments with the ones you love and carry these with you close to your heart.

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Expertly Engraved

Our expert, in-house engravers use a diamond tipped engraving arm to inscribe each letter as sharp as the last. 

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Assembled By Hand

Our lab quality printer and professional grade glossy paper are instrumental in picking up every pixel in your photos to produce a crisp image every time. Each photo is carefully cut out and meticulously inserted in the locket casing by hand.

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Packed With Love

We know how much our lockets mean so we make it our duty to ensure that each item is presented as beautiful as the last.

Our Story

Drawing on the experience of over 100 years, LOVELOX is a family company that traces its heritage to 1887 in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.

The jewellery industry's ever-evolving landscape has made us adapt and re-adapt to consistently serve the changing needs and buying habits of our customers.

LOVELOX fuses technology with traditional skills of craftsmanship. Users can customise a curated selection of stunning, high-quality lockets, and preview them in real-time before making a smooth transaction optimised for mobile.

Our Sustainability & Ethical Standards

We all have a responsibility to understand where our products come from - fashion should never come at the expense of welfare or sustainability. This is why we are thrilled to be working with a family owned factory in Thailand that holds its standards as high as ours.

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Fair Mined

In 2019, the factory became a Fairmined licensee, making them the first manufacturer in Asia to become a certified Fairmined (in silver and gold) authorised supplier.

Employee Welfare

The factory is committed to fair and advanced pay, safe and pleasant working environments, extra health care and assistance, regular breaks and encourage the workers' family members to join to maintain a tight and happy team.