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Discover a world of personalised storytelling with LOVELOX Lockets' latest collection of floating memory lockets. Our online store specialises in exquisite keepsake jewellery, and this new range is no exception. These stunning lockets allow you to curate your own narrative by selecting a variety of charms that represent your individuality and unique journey. With a glass window that beautifully showcases your chosen charms, each floating memory locket becomes a captivating visual expression of your story.

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Every locket tells its own story

We all have an addiction with taking photos but few make their way off our phones. So many precious memories stored on the cloud never to be enjoyed again. Here at LOVELOX we believe that these moments should be celebrated. Our lockets act as a time capsule that will take you back to happy and meaningful moments in your life.
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What Is A Locket Necklace?

A locket is a pendant worn around a person’s neck which opens to reveal a space used to store a small item, like a photo.

What does a locket signify?

A locket is a very sentimental piece of jewellery, often given as a gift to mark a special occasion and the love between two people. A locket is symbolic in the sense that it contains precious items representing those you love which, as the pendant hangs around the wearer’s neck, falls very close to the heart. Many lockets are passed through the generations to become a family heirloom - each locket represents its own story and a moment in time that has shaped your family history and by extension, your own identity. As such, lockets carry great sentimental value for the story they help tell. Lockets can help us express things that are sometimes otherwise hard to convey, like celebrating love and declaring loyalty, or they can help us mourn and honour those who have passed

What Are Lockets Made Out Of?

Lockets are usually made out of precious metals, like gold (including rose gold) and silver, making them extra special and valuable, befitting their status as ornate and decorative jewellery. Lockets often carry decorative designs, diamonds or gems on the front to make them even more aesthetically appealing or significant to the wearer.

Gold Lockets

The gold locket is arguably the most popular style. This is mainly driven by the demand and popularity for gold jewellery, which to many is seen as the epitome of class and opulence. As such, women’s gold lockets with photos are incredibly desirable. A LOVELOX gold locket and accompanying gold locket chain is made with 925 sterling silver with 18 carat gold plate.

Silver Lockets

Silver has been associated with luxury for centuries - hence the phrase β€˜raised with a silver spoon’. LOVELOX lockets are made with 925 sterling silver and then plated with 925 sterling silver on top of this to achieve an exquisite finish.

We make our lockets to stand the test of time as many become family heirlooms passed through the generations. As such we need to work with a metal that will endure the wear and tear of everyday like which is why we use 925 sterling silver as the foundation of all our lockets as it allows for the perfect combination of:

Malleability - to make our women's lockets ornate and delicate in design.
Beauty - silver’s natural gloss and shine is eye catching.
Durability - sterling silver is strong and when maintained correctly, it will look the same after 80 years!

Rose Gold Lockets

Rose gold completes our beautiful range of lockets and offers our customer a spectrum of colours to choose from. Rose gold has grown in demand in recent years made popular by high street jewellery brands and celebrity endorsements. Now rose gold is a powerhouse in its own right and a serious contender against yellow, white gold and platinum.

Rose gold is produced by blending pure gold with copper and silver alloys to achieve the pink tint and welcome change to the stalwarts of gold and silver.

Similar to our gold lockets, a LOVELOX rose gold locket and accompanying rose gold locket chain is made with 925 sterling silver with 18 carat rose gold plate.

What Are The Most Popular Locket Designs?

Lockets come in many different shapes and sizes but the most popular are heart lockets, oval lockets and round lockets.

Heart Lockets

A heart locket symbolises love so is regularly bought for a romantic partner as a gift, especially for Valentines Day.

Oval Lockets

Oval lockets are arguably the most traditional of all the shapes. This is because a portrait (a painting of the subjects shoulders and head) naturally fits within an oval. As such, when photographs were not yet widespread and tiny paintings were commissioned to be inserted into the locket, oval lockets were the obvious choice.

Round Lockets

Round lockets are becoming increasingly popular due to their classic look and timeless design, and reflect other women's pendants that are in vogue.

Locket Chains

Although some people wear their locket as a β€˜charm’ attached to a bracelet around their wrist, most chose to wear theirs as a pendant necklace.

At LOVELOX we offer two lengths of necklace to suit the wearers style - the first is 18 inches long with an additional hoop at 16 inches, and the second is 22 inches long with additional hoops at 18 and 20 inches.

How Do Lockets Work?

With a small, disguised hinge to the left side, lockets open like a book to reveal a space to hold two items - one in the left hollow and the other in the right.

In the past people have carried locks of hair or even ashes, but now most commonly this space is filled with a portrait photograph of their loved one(s).These photographs are resized appropriately and delicately cut into the corresponding shape of the locket (i.e. heart shaped, oval, or round lockets). They are then carefully slid into the hollow, ensuring not to crease the photo.

The photo is held in place by the outside rim of the locket casing. To protect the surface of the photo a clear plastic film is positioned on top.