LOVELOX London: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and LOVELOX London has the perfect gift for you to give this year.

The past year has been exceedingly difficult for everyone, especially with the national UK lockdowns. Many have not been able to see their loved ones for months at a time. Missing family has become an everyday part of life that most of us now must endure.

This means we really need to celebrate everything we can and Mother’s Day this year in 2021 is more important than ever.

Being able to send our gifts through the post is also a crucial element in selecting the correct gifts. All our products are shipped through the post and straight to your loved one’s front door.


Gift a locket this Mother’s Day with LOVELOX London

LOVELOX London is an independent locket brand that has a vast array of locket styles, sizes, and designs. There is something for everyone. Which is why they make perfect, sentimental gifts and are a great gift idea for Mother’s Day.

Lockets come in varying sizes, from the Little Heart Locket up to the Large Oval sizes. The lockets come in silver, gold or rose gold to suit every person’s taste as well as being affordable and high-quality.

The lockets are assembled by hand with care and attention and are sent out in a luxury gift box.  The whole gifting and opening experience with LOVELOX will make a Mother’s Day to remember and will really show your appreciation.


Locket Personalisation - Engraving

All the lockets sold on LOVELOX London can be fully customised and personalised to create the best custom-made pieces of jewellery for that someone special. The lockets can be engraved on the reverse of the pendant with whatever message is desired. All engravings are done by an expert engraving team who use diamond tipped cutters. These cutters create smart and precise cuts into the metal which leave an ever-lasting impression.

Here are some ideas that could be used for the personalised engraving:

  • The initials of loved ones or children.
  • Special dates i.e. children’s birthdays or a wedding day.
  • A special message or note for the topic of Mother's Day such as ‘You’re the best Mum’ or ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.
  • The Mother's name
  • A simple note such as 'I love you'

The possibilities are endless, and all made real with LOVELOX. The message will be held with the keepsake for years to come.


Locket Personalisation - Images

A locket can of course, hold small photos inside of itself. LOVELOX London can also help you with this as all part of the service. Professional printing services are available for a small fee, where your memories and photos can be added to the locket, taking away the hassle of doing it yourself. Each image is meticulously cut and delicately inserted inside by hand. Each locket can hold up to two images, one each side of the pendant.


So, purchase a locket for your Mother today and know that you have brought the perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day. Make sure to add your engraving and photos to make it that extra special and personal. Lockets are also available to purchase through our sister site, Engravers Guild of London.


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