The Launch Of LOVELOX Lockets

LOVELOX Lockets is an exciting new locket necklace brand that delivers bespoke engraved lockets with photos to be enjoyed by all.

Having launched on Wednesday 3rd February 2021, the brands mission is “to create treasured keepsakes to celebrate meaningful moments in your life.”

Based in the UK, the dedicated locket company has an array of beautifully crafted pieces that are then engraved, assembled by hand, and created by an expert term.

With an extensive collection of styles including diamond lockets, heart lockets and tree of life lockets, they each come in silver, gold and rose gold to suit everyone’s taste.

The company draws on its engraving and jewellery heritage that traces back to 1887. With over 100 years of experience, the brand is set to become a huge success.

Why is a LOVELOX locket the perfect gift?
With the mission of creating treasured keepsakes, LOVELOX lockets make the perfect gift. All lockets are fully customisable; engrave a personalised message, insert two professionally printed photographs, and receive them all in a luxury gift box.

LOVELOX believes gifting should be special and personal and therefore strive to create exceptional and above average presents that you would not normally grab from the shelf. Gifting is not just a physical item but also an experience to be adored.

What makes LOVELOX stand out?
Life is full of snappable moments, shared far and wide on Instagram. But do we ever take the time to cherish these memories and hold them close to our hearts?

LOVELOX can capture all these moments in a beautiful capsule that will last forever.

Add the personalised engraving to the reverse of the lockets and you are already on to a winning combination. To really showcase the sense of luxury, the expert engraving team use diamond tipped cutters that create smart and sharp impressions in the metal.

Most importantly, the perfectly formed photographs are professionally printed, carefully cut and then meticulously inserted to showcase the extraordinary memory inside. Gift your loved one or yourself a locket to really savour and celebrate your precious memories!

The lockets can also be purchased from our partners at Engravers Guild.

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