Our engraving is the best in the country

A personalised locket is one of the most difficult items to engrave. The hollow construction leaves them prone to denting and the curved surface can leave an uneven impression.

All LoveLox lockets have their own jigs (a purpose-made vyse) constructed for that individual model, ensuring a perfect engraving every time.

Engraved Sterling Silver Locket

LoveLox presents this custom selection of personalised lockets. Each piece is made in the finest solid sterling 925 silver, with the additional options of gold plate and rose gold plate. These beautiful accessories have been finished to a flawless high polished effect, and are expertly engineered for the hinge to flow seamlessly into the curve of the design. Every locket from LoveLox conveys a rare finesse and elegance which makes for an extremely special gift, or indeed a keepsake for yourself to mark a special moment.

The Personalisation Process

LoveLox is committed to delivering the very finest engraving in the industry. Engraved silver lockets require more attention than most other items of jewellery, being of a hollow design where the metal can be prone to dent when pressure is overly applied. For each of the LoveLox lockets we finish, we take the time to engineer an individual jig for the inner shape of the piece, so as to create a solid base to support the engraving cutter. The result is to produce a beautiful inscription that will last indefinitely.

The photos are printed on premium grade laminated photo paper with a glossy finish and cut to perfection to sit comfortably within the hollow of the locket. It's a delicate process that we have now become experts in.